USS San Diego LPD 22

On behalf of the Commissioning Committee of the USS San Diego (LPD-22) we thank all of you who donated to support the Commissioning ceremonies on Saturday, May 19, 2012 at Navy Pier in downtown San Diego. It could not have happened without you. And for all those 6000 who attended and the more than 4700 who toured the ship, we hope you came away with added appreciation for the proud shipbuilders who created this magnificent vessel and the officers and new crew members who ran aboard at the command to "man your ship". The speakers each captured the essence of why our country needs these warships and why we spend so much time and effort to train the men and women who sail them across the seas into harms way.

The USS San Diego (LPD-22) is a technological marvel with its ability to travel in a stealth manner and to deliver anywhere in the world up to 800 Marines, their tanks and armored vehicles and other equipment and aircraft to support them. This ship is the present face of the combined efforts of the Navy and Marines to protect our interests throughout the globe and to provide humanitarian aide where needed. We are proud that she will be home-ported in San Diego throughout her life and we look forward to seeing her again and again as she returns to her proud city, Americas Finest.

The Commissioning Committee